Roldan – Read Aloud: El Pajaro Y La Ballena – Week of 3/30

Teacher: Roldan (



Please listen/watch story: El pajaro y la ballena from the link above.  This story does not have the option: Watch video,  so you will have to scroll down to see each picture.

When learning a new language repetition is an important key, please allow your child to listen to the story more than one time.

Now is time for some questions:

1.What was the story about?

2.What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

3.What did “Pajaro” ask “Ballena” to do? Was he able to do it? Why yes or no?

4.What did “Ballena” ask “Pajaro” to do? Was she able to do it? Why yes or no?

5.Do you think “Pajaro” and “Ballena” were good friends?  How do you know?


Finally ask your child to draw their favorite part of the story in their journals and tell you why they like it or you can also ask them to draw a picture of his/her best friend from our class. Don’t forget to share with me on ClassDojo.


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