Roldan – SEL: “Lots of Feelings” – Week of 3/30

Teacher: Roldan (


Please listen to the song: “Lots of feelings” in the link provided below

Students should remember this song since we have use it in our classroom multiple times.

Al (the puppet) was always reminding us that ALL FEELINGS are okay and it’s what we do when we are having a strong feeling what counts.  In this time that we are facing kids might not know how to handle their feelings.  Please if your child is expressing a strong feeling first you should validate that particular feeling by saying: “I can see that you are feeling ______ right now.”  Then ask your child if there’s something they would like you to do to help them calm down.  If they say yes and it is a safe/positive choice, please go for it, but if they say no and it’s not a safe/positive choice, give your child some space and time to calm down on their own as long as you can see that he/she is not getting hurt or showing aggressive behaviors.

Find an attachment below on feelings-and-emotion cards to play memory game. Make 2 copies and when you find a match ask your child to tell you when did he/she felt that way.


When the game is over you can listen to the “Lots of feelings” song again. Enjoy!


Files for this Assignment:

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