Monge – ELA: At Home Journal – 3/31

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Good Morning 4th grade!

I spent some time last evening thinking about our Zoom discussion on the importance of journaling our thoughts and feelings.  As I was thinking, I decided to create a way for you to easily journal about your day.  This is a totally optional activity, but one I really think you will enjoy.  I posted the journal in  under the title, My At-Home Journal for Students.  I also posted a sample journal for you to examine.   If you are a little unsure whether or not you want to start keeping a journal, I have included the link for a Ted Talk on the importance of journaling.


Google Classroom reminders:

1.) To access our google classroom you must be logged in to google using your hps login and password

2.) Type or click the dots at the top of the screen and select google classroom.

3.) Choose Monge Grade 4 ELA

4.) If you need the class code it is, ql32z3d

5.) You will find the journal under assignments

Have an awesome day and please reach out with any questions.


Mr. Monge


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