Vollinger (Mrs. V) Daily assignment 4/13

Teacher: Vollinger (lvolinger@hps.holyoke.ma.us)




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Standard: PK.RL.1 With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about a story or poem read aloud


Go to Storylineonline.net and listen to Clark the Shark

Think about these questions….

What is your feeling about Clark?  Is he being a good friend? 

 Why do Clark’s friends stop playing with him? 

How do the illustrations show that Clark is playing too rough? 

How is the new kid, Sid the Squid, like Clark?

**Take time to tell me some of the things that are “awesome”, “sweet” and “rock” in your life.

Clark’s teacher Mrs. Inkydink is an octopus. Search “Giant Pacific Octopus” to go on your very own virtual field trip. Here is a link that I found about an octopus https://youtu.be/9vQnKO_2kKk


-Letter of week video -Letter N click picture of me and video should play



Standard: PK.CC.2 Recognize and name written numerals 0–10

Write the numbers 0-10 on individual pieces of paper. Have your child pick a piece of paper and identify the number. Have your child count out that number of objects. You can use crackers, cereal, legos etc.


It’s not sunny out today but here is a movement exercise to do called Stay on the Sunnyside!


Ms.Rohan wanted to share a little happiness for your Monday:)

Sometimes when we try to focus on what we are grateful for, our mood changes. We become happier just thinking about the things we are thankful for.

To start this lesson, we ask kids a simple, but impactful question:  “What are you happy about today?”

Take a moment to think about that for yourself and then share it with your students.

Today we’re going to talk about happiness.  

Every day, things happen that make us smile, make us feel good or even make us laugh.  By stopping to think for a few moments about something that makes us happy, and saying it, that’s called showing gratitude (thankfulness). 

Stop for a minute and think about today.  What’s one thing about your day that made you happy (or will make you happy)?

Here’s why I’m happy:  I’m happy___________________(give your own example).

Ms.Rohan quería compartir un poco de felicidad para tu lunes 🙂


A veces, cuando tratamos de concentrarnos en lo que estamos agradecidos, nuestro estado de ánimo cambia. Nos volvemos más felices simplemente pensando en las cosas por las que estamos agradecidos.


Para comenzar esta lección, les hacemos a los niños una pregunta simple pero impactante: “¿Qué es lo que te hace feliz hoy?”


Tómese un momento para pensarlo y luego compártelo con sus alumnos.


Hoy vamos a hablar sobre la felicidad.


Todos los días suceden cosas que nos hacen sonreír, hacernos sentir bien o incluso hacernos reír. Al detenerse a pensar por un momento sobre algo que nos hace felices, y decirlo, eso se llama mostrar gratitud (agradecimiento).


Detente por un minuto y piensa en el día de hoy. ¿Qué hay en tu día que te hizo feliz (o te hará feliz)?

He aquí por qué estamos felices: estoy feliz ___________________ (da tu propio ejemplo).


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