Vollinger(Mrs. V) PK: Daily assignment 4/14

Teacher: Vollinger (lvolinger@hps.holyoke.ma.us)




STANDARD PK.RL.6 With prompting and support, “read” the illustrations in a picture book by describing a character or place depicted, or by telling how a sequence of events unfolds

*Go to storylineonline.net and listen to Harry the Dirty Dog

Think about…

 What are some things people do to care for pets?

 What is the hardest thing about caring for a pet?  

 What do you like most about caring for a pet? 

*Use the pictures to talk about what you can tell about Harry and how you know from the pictures.

*If you have a pet post a picture and tell what you do to help take care of your pet. If you don’t have a pet draw a picture or tell what kind of animal you would like for a pet and something you would need to do to take care of it.



Standard: PK.CC.2 Recognize and name written numerals 0–10

Write the numbers 0-10 on pieces of paper. Make 2 sets. Turn them face down and play memory. Take turns turning over 2 pieces of paper and identifying the numbers. If you find the 2 numbers that match you keep the match. The person with the most matches at the end wins! If 0-10 is too much for your child start with 0-3,0-5. And slowly add more numbers once they are confident in the numbers they know.


Here is a movement activity for the day



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