Parent-Vocabulary and Memory Assignment 4/7

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Hello 3rd Graders,

It was so exciting to have all of the Para’s and Mr. Wyse join in on our Monday Morning Zoom. We spoke about so many fun and interesting things! I would love to hear more engaging activities you are hoping to do in the coming weeks with us! We came up with a fantastic list of ideas…..

Pillow fort building
build a reading “nook” in your house
obstacle course with things you have at home (time yourself and race a friend)
Arts and Crafts with Mrs.Burns
Read aloud Mary Poppins chapter book with Ms. Gabriela
Dance and movement/choreography
Cooking lessons
Write a story/book all together as a class

In our Zoom meeting we also read aloud some of our interview’s that we did inspired by the book “Islandborn”. I can not wait to hear more of them on Wednesday!

We started a new activity as well. The book we are reading uses the word RECALL often. The challenge/assignment is to write down your earliest memory (maybe as baby or when you were a little older). We all discussed that everyone has memories that they feel “good” about and sometimes feel “yucky or bad” about. I (Mrs.Parent) explained that her very first memory is not something that she feels very happy or good about. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW GOOD OR BAD, YOUR MEMORIES ARE SPECIAL NO MATTER WHAT! You can have a memory like me and still learn and grow from them.

Here are some prompts to help you write your memories down…..

My earliest memory was when________________________________.
I was _________years old.
I was with_________________________________.
I was alone and___________________________.
I felt like_________________________.
It reminded me of_____________________.
I was (give a feeling or thought) when I was____________________.
Sometimes I think about that memory and it helps me to remember _____________________.

Please feel free to use some or all of these ideas! Also, write more if you want.

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Parent


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