Abdul-Ali – Absolute Value

Teacher: Abdul-Ali (sabdulali@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


To continue our exploration of positive and negative numbers we are going to spend some time learning about “Absolute Values” . The concept is pretty simple.  The Absolute Value of a number is its total distance from zero on a number line. There will be plenty of examples for you all to look at before you ask to try it on your own.

Absolute value symbol

When you see a number in between two straight lines like this |-4|. this is asking you what is the absolute value of negative four.  The correct answer to this question would be 4. Because negative four -4 is 4 places away from zero.


Students will be expected to:

  1. First complete Activities 1,2,3
  2. Write down any “Key Ideas” (usually just definitions of important Terms)
  3. Look through examples 1,2,3 and Complete “On Your Own” practice problems
  4. Finally students will complete the practice problems. Because there are quite a few problems students can choose to do the odd or even numbers only. If students or parents want there students to do all the work feel free.


I also have a google classroom setup, which a lot of students have been on. Thats ideally where I would want students to reach out to me if they have ANY questions about this assignment. If they are not on google classroom they can also email me. at sabdulali@hps.holyoke.ma.us


Files for this Assignment:

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