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March 22, 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians, 


The focus of your child’s Activities of Daily living class is to learn and develop as much independence as possible around the skills they need for living.  This includes helping set the table, wash and dry dishes, cooking, sorting laundry, washing, drying and folding laundry. It also includes helping to put groceries away when you get home from the store.  All of these activities have been taught and practiced thus far in our classroom.

Students have also learned to measure both liquid and dry ingredients using measuring cups and spoons.  

This week’s focus will be on measuring.  

Work provided to do at home is largely review and serves as  practice for what they have learned so far. I will be including worksheets to go along with some of the skills the students will practice.  If you can not print or would rather not print, feel free to have your child just show you and you can report back to me. (email or talking points) For example:  Ask your child to measure out ½ cup,or ⅔ cup, then ask them to show 1 cup. Or they can measure out drinks for the entire family before a meal for example. If pouring milk for their cereal ask them to measure out ½ cup. 

The following links include recipes to make with your child and some measuring worksheets.  Please contact me through email or talking points with any questions or suggestions.  


Mrs. Dewey 


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