Beauregard K. – Math – Fraction Pizza (Project Part 2) – Week of 4/23 – 4/24

Teacher: Beauregard (


Math Work for week 4/23 – 4/24 (shortened for April vacation):

NEW: Fluency Practice (10-15 minutes each day) I have turned on i-Ready Learning Games for  you to use for Fluency Practice 🙂 See below for directions if needed!

Run A Pizza Place: A Fraction Project (Part 2)

PIZZA!  PIZZA! PIZZA!  Now that you have your pizza place up and running the orders are coming in and it is time to find out how much $$$ you are making!  You will put your math skills to use as you work to complete the tasks. Have FUN!  (To begin go to and select this assignment)

Task 4: Pizza Delivery

Task 5: Drink Orders

*iReady Math is another great way to continue your learning!  I have your emails and passwords if you forgot them 🙂

Directions for using i-ready at home:

  1. Go to clever  (
  2. Click on top right “Log in as a Student”
  3. It will then ask for you to “search for your school” (LtClayre PSullivan School)
  4. Next, you need to type in your student email login. Ex.
  5. Lastly, enter your password.

Please note:  *This can only be done on a desktop computer or laptop.  You can’t use tablets or phones.*


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