Beauregard K. – Science – Weathering and Erosion – Week of 4/13/2020

Teacher: Beauregard (


Science Work for week starting 4/13/2020:

Weathering and Erosion 

Assignment 1: Watch the video and read about “Weathering and Erosion”  at this site.  *Hint you might want to go to Google Classroom and pre read the questions you will be answering*

Assignment 2: Do it Yourself: Weathering, Erosion, and Depositioning: During the video you will learn how to create a model that shows how water can change and move  the land. (Materials needed: tray of sand, small rocks, marker, water bottle)

*** Please remember to take pictures so I can see your model and share them in our ClassDojo story 🙂

Assignment 3: After watching the videos and learning from your own models, answer the questions posted in GoogleClassroom.


Files for this Assignment:

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