Beauregard – Science – Erosion week of 4/6 -4/9

Teacher: Beauregard (


Science Work for week starting 4/6/2020:

Changes in Earth’s Landforms: Erosion

Assignment 1: Watch the videos “The Power of Water for Kids: How erosion by water shapes landforms ( and Erosion And Soil ( on YouTube. Write notes on how the water changed the land.

Assignment 2: Science Activity: Now you can create your own mini landscape (optional) to see how water can change the land.  Watch the video called “Make your own erosion!” ( to learn how.  (Simple at home materials needed)

*** Please remember to take pictures for me to add to our ClassDojo story 🙂

Assignment 3: After watching the videos and having fun exploring and learning with the erosion activity, record your observations on the student sheet called “Erosion” in GoogleClassroom.


Files for this Assignment:

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