Beauregard – Science: Landforms week of 3/30

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Science Work for week starting 3/30/2020:


Exploring Landforms

Landforms are natural features of Earth’s surface found on land or in the water. Complete the following assignments:


Assignment 1: Watch the following short videos on YouTube called “Exploring Landforms and Bodies of Water for Kids” and “Learning about Landforms”  While watching the videos take notes and write the definitions about the following landforms: mountain, volcano, plains, plateau, delta, island, canyon, valley, delta, peninsula, and ocean.


Assignment 2: After watching the videos use your notes and complete & Submit the student sheet called “Landforms” in GoogleClassroom. 


Assignment 3: Create a Landforms flip book or make your own page design illustrating the different landforms you learned about.  Take a photo of it and send it to my email or classdojo when you are done. I can’t wait to see your creativity! Have fun and be creative 🙂

(see attached files below for examples)


Files for this Assignment:

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