Bessette – Math – Rational Numbers (2) 4/13 – 4/17

Teacher: Bessette (


This assignment can be found on Ms. Bessette’s Google Classroom. PDF’s are attached for printing if desired, NOT required.

Happy Thursday! Continuing working on more recent Math concepts that we were working on before school closed, your second assignment for the week is multiplying and dividing integers! You will demonstrate your understanding of these concepts by completing the two attached worksheets. You will do this by completing expressions and word problems including rational numbers.

Both worksheets have been assigned to you for a total of 18 problems to be completed. Attached there is an anchor chart that can help some of you if you’re struggling remember how to work will integers. As always feel free to reach out if you have questions.

7th Grade Math Anchor Charts | Math anchor charts, 7th grade math ...


Files for this Assignment:

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