Boyer EL RISE Lessons for week 4/13/20

Teacher: Boyer (


Hi my friends! I hope that you are doing well and staying safe and healthy at home.  This week I have a book for you to read with someone at home. It makes you think about what happens when we push something. The book is called I Push by Katie DelBridge. Does it fall over or cause something else to happen?  I hope that you enjoy the book. Please take photos and/or videos of your responses to the book and post them to your Google Classroom. I will be looking and waiting to hear from you!


Here are the steps to post your work:

Log into Google Classroom

Find my name Mrs.Boyer

Click on the I push (6).pdf to view the lessons.

Read the lessons to do for each day.

Click on the I-Push.pdf  to read the book.

Upload photos or videos of your responses to Google Classroom.



Files for this Assignment:



Files for this Assignment:

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