Burns – Determine the Theme, Setting, and a Character Trait 4/1

Teacher: Burns (kburns@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


As Alice walked down the sidewalk to school, she noticed that Ryan dropped a twenty dollar bill without noticing it. As he continued walking to school, Alice bent down and picked up the twenty dollar bill. She imagined all the things she could spend it on and how fun it would be to go on a shopping trip with her friends. Then she thought about Ryan and how he would feel when he found the money missing. Sighing, Alice hurried to catch up to Ryan and to give him his money back.

  1. What is the theme?

The theme of the passage is _______________. I know this because in the text ____________________.


2. What is the setting?

The setting of the story is _____________. In the text it says “_________________”.


3. What is one of Alice’s character traits?

One of Alice’s character traits is ____________, because in the text she ______________.

Challenge activity- Write your own short story! What is the theme of the story you wrote?





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