Teacher: Burns (kburns@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


I loved seeing the great work some of you did on your last assignment with inferencing! Today, we will be using our predicting skills. Please read each passage and answer the questions in complete sentences. I will include sentence stems for scholars that would like to use them.


Jenna was lying outside in the sun. She knew she should put some sunblock on, but the sun felt so good on her back that she did not want to move. She told herself that she would get the sunblock in five minutes. Within three minutes, Jenna had fallen asleep.

  1. What will happen next? What makes you think so?

Next, I think Jenna will ______________________, because _______________.


Ben filled the tub with warm water. He got the special shampoo and put it on the side of the tub. Then he got a towel. Ben left the bathroom and went to the backyard. “Here Rascal,” he called. “I have a surprise for you!”

  1. What is Rascal’s surprise? How do you know?

Rascal’s surprise is ________________ . I know this because _______________.


Mom was making a sour face as she handed the baby to Dad and said, “Your turn I did it last time.” Dad took the baby and headed off to the nursery.

  1. What will Dad do next? How do you know?

Next, Dad will ________________. I know this because __________________.


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