Cartagena /Sullivan /Grade K-1 /Special Ed Inclusion / Activity week of 4/24/2020

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Hi my friends! I hope that you are doing well , staying safe and healthy at home.  This week I have a book for you to read that makes you think about how the earth is worth loving 💚🌍. The book is called🌍 I Love Earth by Beverly Osborn. Each slide is a new activity that you can do with this book.I hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful photographs and messages about why the Earth is worth loving. Please take photos  of your response to the to the book and post them to Class DoJo(Kindergarten ) or Class Tag(First Grade ) . I will be looking and waiting to hear from you!

Here are the steps to post your work:

Log into Class DoJo if you are in Kindergarten or ClassTag if you are in Grade 1

Go to Class Story and /or Messages

Find my name Mrs.Cartagena, then upload or post the photo of your response under my name .

Click on the 🌍I Love the Earth  (2).pdf to view the lessons.

Read the lessons to do for Thursday 4/23 and Friday 4/24.

Click on the 🌍I Love The Earth .pdf (1) to read the book.



Files for this Assignment:


Files for this Assignment:

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