Caswell – ELA: Natural History Museum Paragraphs

Teacher: Caswell (


Your job for the next two days is to write two paragraphs. Go online to the National Museum of Natural History virtural tour and pick one thing you see or like. The museum is filled with different animal exhibits and the tour is pretty easy to figure out.

Your job: Pretend that you are actually in the museum and tell me about it.

 Write one INFORMATIONAL paragraph about what it is. Describe it using sensory details (what does it look like, what does it sound like in the museum, what does the museum smell like, what do you feel) 


Write one PERSUASIVE paragraph about why someone HAS to go see it! T



I walked into the museum with only one thing on my mind, the giraffe. I hurried through the front gate, took a left and headed straight for the mammals exhibit. The museum was quiet for a Wednesday morning as all the school groups were home watching the museum online and I got the place to myself. I ran through the walls of mammals towards the lion. When I turned the corner there was the majestic giraffe between the zebra and the hippo. The giraffe was a dark tan with leather-like spots all over him. His front legs were spread out and his head was down as if he were drinking water. Even though he was in such a weird position you could tell his neck was at least 5 feet long. What a goofy looking creature!

The reason you have to see the giraffe at the Natural History Museum is that it is such an odd looking animal. While there are many different kinds of species the giraffe is by far the most awkward of them all. The best evidence for this is that when it drinks it has to have it’s legs way out to the side, it can’t even reach the ground to drink water! Another reason you have to see it is because no zoo has so many animals right next to each other. While you could go to Africa to see all these creatures, that is expensive and hard to do. A simple trip to the museum to see the awkward looking giraffe is well worth the trip


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