Sheridan – Cell Anatomy Reading

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Today, you’ll be reading about special parts inside of cells called organelles. As you complete this reading, think back to your city design activity – what functions did each of your buildings serve? Think of organelles in the exact same way! They are pieces of a cell that each have a job to do.


As you read, complete the note outline attached.

If completing digitally, please edit in the document and send to my email.

If completing a printed or separate notebook page copy, please have your parent or guardian send me a picture to this email.


And as always, please reach out with any questions you have!


New vocab pronunciation:

Prokaryotic – Pro – care – EE – ah – tick.

Eukaryotic – You – care – EE – ah – tick.

Organelle – Or – gan – el

Nucleus – New – clee – us

Mitochondria – Might – Oh – con – dree – a

Vacuole – Vack – you – owl (like bowl).

Chloroplast – Kloor (like floor) – Oh – plast (like blast)


Files for this Assignment:

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