Charles-Science-Week of 4/27 – 5/1- “How Does Your Environment Affect Your Health”

Teacher: Charles, S. (


This week you will be learning how does your environment affect your health and well-being.

Click on the link below. It will take you to the “How Does Your Environment Affect Your Health” page. Launch the site by clicking the “launch button” and click “continue as a guest”. Next you will go to each page and do the assigned activities on the page (9 pages in total). As you read and do the activities, you will also be answering questions and taking notes. It is best to take notes and answer questions in your notebook. When you are finished, use your notes help you with the written assignment. Answer one of the questions in the written assignment. Upload the assignment in Google classroom and click “turn in” when you are finished.


Files for this Assignment:

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