DiPilla – Music: Chord Chart and instructions for new song!

Teacher: DiPilla (adipilla@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Watch the video’s’ first!




Guidelines to reading chords:

-Chords are read vertically

-Bottom 2 notes are played in left hand, top three notes are played in right hand

-Each chord is played 4 times


Practice tips:

-Go slow! One chord at a time

-Reference Mr. Di Pilla’s video

-Don’t expect to get it instantly

-Post or share a video (instagram, class dojo, hpsathome.com) Mr. Di Pilla will give you feedback!

-If you don’t have a keyboard, use your ipad!


R: A    R:#F R: G    R: E  
R:#F    R: D R: D  R:#C   
R: D R: B R: B R: A
L:  A L: #F L:  D L: E  
L:  D L:  B L:  G L: A  


Files for this Assignment:

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