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Before we began at-home learning, we started to discuss what are called cells As we learned, cells are one of the major signs that something is an organismor a living thing.

Now, cells are REALLY tricky things to understand, so this activity is made to help you understand the basic jobs a cell has to do.

Read the following description of cells to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

“A cell is like a city. Inside each, there is every job an organism needs done. When you put billions of cities together, you get a world. In this case, the world is the organism, and each city is responsible for keeping it healthy and safe.”


A cell is like a city.

For this activity, you are going to draw your own city and label the important buildings within. This is where you really need to think – every city you’ve ever been to or heard of has the same basic needs. What are they?

Your job:

  1. Draw up your own city. It can be as creative and crazy as you like!
  2. Label the important buildings / pieces of your city. On the back, describe what the important things are and what they do.
    1. Example: If I were to draw my city, I would want to put in a hospital or doctor’s office. I would write  “Hospital – keeps the city healthy by fighting diseases”.
  3. You may do this on paper or on a digital drawing program like Paint if you wish. If you are using a digital program, please use a google doc to make your list of parts and their jobs.
    1. For a free online drawing program, use this link:
  4. If doing this on paper, have your parents or guardians take a picture and send it to my email:  . If you’re doing it on a paint program and google doc, share the doc to that email and take a screenshot of your city using your computer’s snipping tool function.

Have fun with this project! It is meant to be fun and informative, but make sure to explain each piece of your city!

I’ve attached an image with some important parts of a city to help you if you get stuck.


Files for this Assignment:

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