Colon – SPED 3rd Grade – Reading and Writing – Star Sight Words – Week of April 13, 2020

Teacher: Elsie Colon (


Hi Friends! 

I hope you and your family are doing great and stay healthy! For this week’s activities I have a Star Words challenge! I am going to post the STAR WORDS list. You can practice reading and writing them! I am challenging you to read and write at your own pace. You can practice as many  words as you want. When you get them right you are ready for the next set! But you need to share it with me! Here is the challenge:

  1. Find the set that you are reading. 
  2. Read the complete set.
  3. Choose 5 words each week to practice.
    1. write them 3 times (Monday)
    2. Rainbow color the sight words  (Tuesdays)
    3. Find the words around (books you read, passages, magazines)(Wednesdays)
    4. Write a sentence for each one. (Thursdays)
    5. Read the as fast as you can and time them (Fridays) 
  4. Share the work with Mrs. Colon.

Note: This is a suggestion on how you can do it. If the words are too easy pick more than five at a time or do more than one activity in one day!

Attached you can find the Sight Words list and an example my daughter did (Associated files link)

Remember you can contact me:

Mrs. Colon contact:, Dojo or text message 1 (787)-414-1142  (School Hrs. 8:00 -3:00)


Files for this Assignment:

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