Colon – SPED 4th grade Reading and writing – Week of June 8, 2020

Teacher: Elsie Colon (


This week I am providing the following reading activities. Please click on the blue links i you need help:

  • Your         code is:  mv63pn
  • Decodables: “ Spot and Spook” (Blendings (sp, sk, sm) 
  • Word Study at your level
  • “The Power of Zoey” 
    • Read the story to answer the writing activity on Freckle. Do your writing on a separate piece of paper (or doc.) and send it to me:
      • What would you wish for if you had a dog like Zoey. Why?
        • Use the following graphic organizer to organize you ideas.
        • I am providing you with some sentences to help you in the writing process. (It is an idea. You can use your own add more details and sentences based on your “experience”.)


Sentences Stems:

If I had a dog like Zoey  I would wish for different things. My first wish will be to ____________  because _________. Second I will wish for___________________ because______________. My last wish will be _____________ because_________________. It would be ________________ if I had a dog like Zoey.


Writing basics:

  1. Start your sentences with uppercase letters.
  2. End your sentences with the right punctuation (statement- period, question – question mark, exclamations – exclamation point)
    1. I see the red flowers.
    2. Can you see them?
    3. They look pretty!
  3. Indent your paragraph.
  4. Leave space between words.
  5. Check for capitalization (First word of a sentence, names of people and places)
  6. Check for Spelling (Sight words)
    2. Check for understanding: (Does it look right?, Does it sound right?, Does it make sense?)

Contact: you can send me a message on ClassDojo, a text message 787-414-1142 or email I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great week!


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