Colon – SPED 7th Grade – Writing – Biography – Week of April 23, 2020

Teacher: Elsie Colon (


Hi Friends!

For this week I want for you to read a biography about Bruce Lee and then write about it.

Writing helpers! 

Graphic Organizers (Organize topics and ideas)

Writing basics:

  1. Start your sentences with uppercase letters.
  2. End your sentences with the right punctuation (statement- period, question – question mark, exclamations – exclamation point)
    1. I see the red flowers.
    2. Can you see them?
    3. They look pretty!
  3. Check for Spelling (Sight words)
  4. Indent paragraphs (Include topic sentences, details and closing)
  5. Check for understanding (Reread): (Does it look right?, Does it sound right?, Does it make sense?)



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