Comtois, Croke, Schneider – Kindergarten- Thursday, June 11, 2020

Teacher: Croke (


Date: Thursday, June 11

Morning Message

Happy Thursday! Today the weather will be rainy! Tell someone in your home the answer to these addition equations:






Virtual Field Trip/Reading/Writing

How Honey Is Made Virtual Field Trip

That was a really interesting trip. We learned some true facts about how honey is made. Write one fact you learned and draw a detailed picture to match.

I learned ___________________________________ .


RAZ-kids login 

(Message teacher for student’s password)

G2 Username: ccroke123

G3 Username: kcomtois123

G5 Username: aschneider123



Get ready to do some subtracting! That means we will be taking away from the first amount of objects to see how many we have left. Remember, you can cross out, circle, erase, color, use your fingers, use objects, or use a number line to solve the subtraction problems.

Thursday Subtraction Problems


Sight Words

Practice reading/writing the sight words:

he        like         go        be         you         we

 You can also write them in sand, shaving cream, or salt with your finger OR build them with play-doh or magnetic letters.



Fundations Alphabet Chart Tutorial

Fill in the missing letters to make two new words that rhyme with the given word.

pan        _an        _an

fun        _un         _un

tap        _ap         _ap


ELL (Ms. Laura) 

🗅  Watch as Ms. Laura shows you how to ask and answer Yes/No Questions about the vegetables you like or don’t like. 

🗅   Use Ms. Laura’s chart paper to write about what vegetables you like and don’t like. If you can’t print the special writing paper at home, pretend your finger is a pencil and write the vegetables in the correct place and then make an illustration or small picture. Tell someone at home what you are writing.

🗅   Play the Vegetable Guessing Game. Try to guess as many vegetables as possible before the time runs out!


Extra Activities/Resources

Home Activities For Kindergarten

Cloud Dough Recipe

abcya Website for games/activities 

Starfall Website for games/activities

The Lorax Extension Activities (Mon June 8th, Wed June 10th, Fri June 12th) 

Activities with Visuals


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