Comtois, Croke, Schneider – Kindergarten- Tuesday, June 9. 2020

Teacher: Comtois, Croke, Schneider (


Date: Tuesday, June 9


Morning Message

Happy Tuesday! Today the weather will be sunny! Tell someone in your home how to count by 10’s to get to 100.


Virtual Field Trip/Reading/Writing

Dinosaur Exhibit Virtual Field Trip

What a cool field trip!  What was your favorite part of the trip? Did you have a favorite dinosaur you learned about? Draw and write about your favorite part.

My favorite part of the dinosaur field trip was ___________________________.


RAZ-kids login 

(Message teacher for student’s password)

G2 Username: ccroke123

G3 Username: kcomtois123

G5 Username: aschneider123



Get ready to do some subtracting! That means we will be taking away from the first amount of objects to see how many we have left. Remember, you can cross out, circle, erase, color, use your fingers, use objects, or use a number line to solve the subtraction problems.

Tuesday Subtraction Problems


Sight Words

Practice reading/writing the sight words:

is      to         she         in          am        my


You can also write them in sand, shaving cream, or salt with your finger OR build them with play-doh or magnetic letters.



Fundations Alphabet Chart Tutorial

Fill in the missing letters to make two new words that rhyme with the given word.

ham       _am        _am

fin         _in          _in

cut        _ut         _ut


ELL (Ms. Laura) 


🗅  Listen and sing along to the Vegetable Song by: The Singing Walrus. 

🗅  Watch video of Grover from Sesame Street talking with some VERY special friends about planting a vegetable garden.

🗅  Listen to a read aloud of the book “Way to Grow! Gardening: Vegetables”. 


Hi everyone! Today you will be learning the cup game that goes along with the cup song. Try saying the words and doing the motions along with the video or slowly on your own. Have fun and have a great week! Click the link below to watch the video.


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Preview YouTube video The Easiest Cup Song Tutorial


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