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Teacher: Leavens (ileavens@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hello Friends!

I want to keep the awesome momentum we had with our fictional writing unit going, so I’m going to provide you with two prompts to pick from! Try to write 2-3 pages and make sure you are skipping lines if you are handwriting this. I will also be uploading a blank document to the Google Classroom if you’d like to do it there (then you can share your work with me!) Your prompts are as follows:

1: Your character is walking down the street when a dog approaches them. They quickly realize that the dog has been abandoned, and take in the animal as their own.

2: Your character has an opportunity to take a ride on a spaceship to another planet in the galaxy.

I can’t wait to read your work! If you haven’t been able to access the noredink.com website, I will re-post the link to our classroom. We will be moving forward with that next week.

Also, stay posted, I am trying to schedule a time where we can all do a zoom meeting! A great chance to catch-up, stay connected, and do a fun little writing activity together! Stay safe and be well!

Mr. Leavens


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