Leveille – Daily Journal

Teacher: Leveille (dleveille@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Please keep a daily journal. You may use any type of paper.  My thoughts are for you to illustrate/write each day about something you are grateful for or about how you are feeling.  For example, Tuesday I was grateful for the sunshine and yesterday I was grateful for my mom and dad.  I would like you to illustrate your drawings with details using 3 or more colors.  If you are sounding out words I challenge you to write your own words.  If you are not sounding out words that’s okay, ask a parent or sibling to dictate your words for you.

I would like to share our journals with each other when we return to school.  This activity should take 12 minutes, so ask a family member to time you.  Our work rotations at school are each 12 minutes, so I know you can do it!

Be creative and challenge yourself to do your best work.  I also keep a journal.  Often times, I feel better after I journal.  Don’t forget to include the date before each entry.

For example, today is March 30th and I am grateful that I am able to communicate with all of you through technology.   This assignment should be fun and help improve on skills you already have.

We miss you all so much!


Files for this Assignment:

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