Ditkoff – Art: Drawing Cartoons (Grades 3 – 4)

Teacher: Ditkoff (editkoff@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hi Students!

I am very excited to continue doing art with you, even if it’s online. For this art lesson, I want you to practice drawing cartoons. Below are some step-by-step videos of different characters and cartoon animals that I thought you would like. Follow along with the video and try your best to create your character. If you do not want to try any of the videos below, you may go on YouTube and find your own!


-Work slowly and carefully (pause the video any time you are stuck. You can always rewind)

-Use PENCIL instead of sharpie. Start with pencil so you can erase mistakes instead of starting over. If you only have pens/markers, try to show me how you fixed  your mistake instead of starting over

-Add color and/or background. If you have colored pencils, crayons, markers,etc. color in your cartoon using at least 5 colors. If you do not have colors, create a detailed background behind your cartoon. Where does this character live? Is it outside? Inside?  Be creative!

-As an EXTRA challenge for students who want to go beyond: I want you to create a character of your own! After following the videos and copying one of the cartoon characters, try to make up your own character without the help of the video. Think: What is the difference between a cartoon drawing and a realistic drawing? Do cartoon characters usually have BIGGER or smaller eyes than a real person? What else is unique about cartoon characters? (think about colors)

When you are finished, please email me a photo of your work at: editkoff@hps.holyoke.ma.us



Files for this Assignment:

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