Ditkoff – ART (5/6) – Optical Illusions – 4/16/20

Teacher: Ditkoff (editkoff@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hi Students,

For this assignment I will be teaching you about OP Art. Otherwise known as Optical Illusion Art. OP Art is a drawing style that is meant to trick your eye and your mind. Through using different drawing techniques, we will be creating vibrant 2-Dimensional drawings that will appear to be 3-Dimensional. When done carefully, these drawings come out looking very cool. Please work slowly, take your time, and try your best.



Watch the video and follow along. Pause the video any time you may need to catch up, please don’t rush. Be creative! All you’re going to need is a Sharpie and some Crayons. If you are worried about making a mistake, please start with pencil.

When you are done, please email me a photo at: editkoff@hps.holyoke.ma.us

I’m excited to see your artwork! 🙂

-Ms. D


Files for this Assignment:

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