Ditkoff – ART (K/1/2) Drawing Cartoon Animals

Teacher: Ditkoff (editkoff@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hi Students!

This week I am going to teach you how to draw a cartoon dog using shapes! Follow along the video and try to draw your own dog. Start by using a pencil and then trace over your lines with a pen or a marker. When you are finished you can add your own details and color if you have them!

Kindergartners: Practice drawing the dogs head. Try the body if you want an extra challenge

1st Graders: Try drawing the face and the body. Add your own details!

2nd Graders: Draw the face and body, and then try it on your own without looking at the video

When you are finished, try practicing drawing other animals. What different shape is needed to draw a cat’s ears? What about its nose?

Send me a photo of your work on class Dojo or email me at: editkoff@hps.holyoke.ma.us

-Ms. D


Files for this Assignment:

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