Drohan, Morin – ELA It Could Be a Flower

Teacher: Drohan, Morin (jdrohan@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


You can access this story and other activities at https://bookflix.digital.scholastic.com/pair/detail/bk0051pr/start?authCtx=U.794217314


It Still Could be A Flower

Read the story, It Still Could Be a Flower (you may also have it read to you). Answer the questions below, stopping at the predetermined page numbers.

P. 3 How could you describe a rose? What else do you know about roses that the author did not mention in the story?

P. 7 Name two facts about morning glories, using the illustrations and the facts mentioned by the author.

P. 13 Name three different places flowers can grow.


P. 15 In the story, Planting a Rainbow, you explained what a bulb was.  What are some flowers that grow from bulbs?

P. 25 What are wild flowers? Why do you think they are called wild flowers?

We learned on page 5 that some flowers are named after people.  Design a flower named after you. Then describe where the flower would grow and what it would look like. Include your illustration of the flower.

My flower would be named _____________. It would _____________


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