Drohan and Morin – ELL April 8 Gardens In Spring

Teacher: Drohan, Morin (jdrohan@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Hello Friends,

Here is another fun spring story for you. Using the link below, read the story Gardens In Spring. You may have the story read to you, or you may pause the story and read it on your own. Stop at each predetermined stop and answer the question.  Remember to cite evidence from the story to help support your responses. 



  1. 9  What is a spade? What could be another name for spade?


  1. 13 What were the first 3 steps the children took to plant the peas? Use your sequencing words first, second, third….


  1. 17  Pat pulls the weeds.  What are weeds? Why does Pat pull them out of the ground?


  1. 22 Look at the words on page 22.  How were the words used in the story? 

(seeds, pea pods, spade, watering can)



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