Drohan, Morin – ELA: Planting a Rainbow

Teacher: Drohan, Morin (jdrohan@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


You can access these stories at https://bookflix.digital.scholastic.com/pair/detail/bk0051pr/start?authCtx=U.794217314


Listen to the story, Planting a A Rainbow, stopping at the pre-determined spots. Ask your child the comprehension questions encouraging them to add details to their answers

:38 What do you think the author means by “every year mom and I plant a rainbow?”

1:05 What are bulbs? How do you know?

1:24 How do the seed packets help you know what the flowers look like? Why do you think they put pictures on the packets?

3:05 What are seedlings? How are the seedlings different from the seeds in the packets?

Open response:

We know that a cycle is something that repeats itself… think of the life of a buttefrly.  A butterfly lays an egg, the egg hatches, out comes a caterpillar, the caterpillar grow, spins itself into a cocoon, emerges as butterfly….

How do the flowers in the story follow a cycle? Name the stages and use illustrations.  Use the word box below to help with your response.

The stages of the flower cycle are__________________________

Bulbs    seedlings    seeds garden     winter summer


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