Drohan, Morin – Springing Into Math Story Problems

Teacher: Drohan, Morin (jdrohan@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Springing into Math!

Read the following math stories.  Remember the story problem protocol… Read, Draw, Write. 1. Read the problem. 2. Draw and label. 3. Write an equation. Remember to show your work and include a math sentence.

1. Emily Elizabeth bought 33 bones for Clifford.  She wanted to put them into bags with 10 bones each.  How many bags will she need? Will she have any bones left over? How many?


2. Emily Elizabeth went for a walk. She picked 17 flowers.  Some flowers were pink and some were yellow. How many of each could she have picked? Challenge yourself to find more than 3 different solutions. Remember to label how many of each color there are.


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