Duffy – List Color Poem – 4/8

Teacher: Duffy (kduffy@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Ms. Duffy

We will be doing a color list poem today, So let’s have fun with it and let’s bring out the poet in you!

 A Color List Poem is a specific variation of a List Poem, where items are listed of a specific color along with an adjective for each item. This again is a fun activity that develops fluent brainstorming and categorizing ideas. This certainly is not simply a way to practice colors, but is a good brain exercise. It is also a great way to practice adding describing words to nouns.


Have students practice (whole group, partners) by giving them a color (again, I would choose a color such as white or gray that most students would not choose) and have them list ideas/nouns. Then have them go back and add adjectives before each noun.


  • Then have students choose a color that was not used during practice and complete the Color List Poem page with either the handwriting lines or regular lines. Have the students fold the paper in half lengthwise on the dotted line and write the nouns first on the right side of the page. Then have them unfold the page and add the adjectives in front of the nouns. 


  • After revising/editing, students complete the Color List Poem Final Copy Page (handwriting lines or regular lines). The title (color) should be written in the crayon. They can also draw pictures of the items listed in the margins These look nice mounted on construction paper for a display.


Color List  Directions – Choose a color, and write that for the title. – List things that are the color you chose. Think about foods, animals, things in nature, and things at home. – In front of each thing, write a describing words


 Poem Sample:


                                                    Smooth chocolate

                                                         Furry bear

                                                 Creamy peanut butter

                                                        Cuddly puppy

                                                        Hot coffee

                                                      Splashy mud


You can also draw a picture along the side or bottom of your poem. I am so excited to see your work.




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