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Did you know there are 1,440 minutes in a SINGLE day?!

So, let’s do a little math here… 

The recommended hours of sleep a night for a teenager are 9 hours, which is 540 minutes a day.

1,440 minutes 540 minutes= 900 minutes

That means you are awake on average 900 minutes a day!! 


Your challenge this week is to sacrifice at least 30 of your 900 spare minutes a day to READING!


Below you will find a reading chart you will fill out for each of the next 5 days

Make a copy and submit to me by Tuesday!

I know finding materials to read that you enjoy is tough, so I will link a couple places you can find reading pieces that may interest you. 

Fiction Stories Non-Fiction Books Personal Choice
Harry Potter Book 1

The Hunger Games

Capstone Interactive eBooks:

Visit and click “Log In”

Username: continue

Password: reading


Time magazine has put up their articles for free! All you have to do is subscribe!  Helpful hint.. Some books you can find as PDFs online. Type in the book title and then PDF into google browser and see if your favorite book pops up!

Example: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone PDF” 

Find and read books at home. 

Google your own articles about your favorite subjects 


My Reading Log

Book/article title or link Minutes read Summary of what you read about Was it interesting enough to continue reading tomorrow? Explain why. How did the author make you FEEL when reading the piece? Explain. 



Files for this Assignment:

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