Roldan – SEL: Feelings, Happy, Sad, Scared or Mad

Teacher: Roldan (


Ask your child how he/she is feeling today.  Validate their feelings by telling them (I’m happy you’re feel this way or sad your’re feeling that way). Ask how does your body feels and looks when you are feeling (happy, sad, scared or mad). Ex. When I’m happy I have a smile on my face, cheeks go up, etc. When I’m sad I look down, maybe cry, etc.  When I’m scared my heart beat gets faster, etc. And when I’m mad my body feels tense and my eyebrows are inward, etc.

Ask your child to tell you 2 things or situations that make them feel that way.  They can use their writing journals to draw a picture of how they’re feeling right now or the 2 things that made them feel that particular feeling.

Remind your child that feelings are okay it’s what we do what counts when we are having strong feelings.  Feel free to take a picture with your phone of their drawings and sharing with me on ClassDojo.


Files for this Assignment:

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