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Kindergarten At Home Learning 

April 15, 2020

Hello Kindergarten Families! Below you will see an outline of some learning opportunities that you may wish to do with your kindergarten student today. Please remember that these are all just suggestions for activities for families that are looking for them. As you complete activities, PLEASE send us pictures/videos/responses on ClassDojo so we can share them with the class! We miss you and enjoy seeing your messages everyday! 

Today Talk: Today is Wednesday April 15, 2020

  • Talk about what day it is: “Today is___”
  • Discuss what day today is, what day tomorrow is, and what day yesterday was. 
  • Talk about the number of the day and what numbers come before/after. 
  • Count by 1 from 1-100 and then count by 10 up to 100. 
  • Identify the numbers 1-20.

Academic Activity: Writing Wednesday! Today we would love for you to listen to the story in the link below. After you read The Day the Crayons Quit, pick your favorite color crayon and make a picture of all of the things you can think of that are that color. For example, if I choose the yellow crayon, my picture might have the sun, a banana, and a lemon. When you’re done, try to label the items in your picture by writing the sounds you hear to go with each object!

Story Link:

Enrichment Activity: Make your own puzzle! Take a piece of paper and draw your own design on it. Be creative and fill the page with as many drawings and colors as you can! Ask an adult at home to cut the page up into pieces (10-15). Put the pieces back together as you complete your own puzzle! Use the drawing you made to help you. Send us pictures of your original puzzle!

Make Your Own Puzzle | Activity |

Remember to send us pictures on Dojo so we can share your great work with the class! Keep learning and be GREAT today


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