Fontaine – Science: Billion Trees (Grade 6 – 8) 4/1

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Hi guys!

I think you’re going to like exploring this company, it falls on the heels of the Plastic in the Ocean project the 7th graders were working on and the 8th graders can definitely benefit because they probably didn’t get to do that project last year.  6th graders I bet you would like this too we’ve had so many good talks about conservation and ended up on ecosystems so, Perez and Russo’s homeroom, so you join in too!

So let’s get involved with some REAL WORLD stuff that is happening NOW, read the following link about how this company got started.  Keep in mind the Engineering Design Process that we’ve used in many of our Summit Learning projects this year and connect them in your mind.  Make a copy of the questions linked in and do your best to answer them. Email them back to me by the end of the day Friday, April 3.

I’d really like to get involved with this movement it inspired me so much, I hope it does the same for you. Going further we can explore becoming a member and planting some trees in our area for Earth day and beyond.  As always I am just an email or dojo message away for any questions or concerns.

Miss you guys and hope you are well, Miss Fontaine


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