Fontaine-7&8 Food Chains & Food Webs

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Read the following article, study the visuals, and watch the included short videos. When you are complete, create a simple food chain OR a complex food web.  I think its actually easier to do a whole web of things because nature rarely acts in a perfect chain, its not always a straight line.

As you go along or after your chain or web is developed, label each organism youve included and tell where the energy is going. Yes you may include drawings, and use arrows still labeling where the energy is going.  Snap a pic of your drawing or share your document with me via email:

Im excited to see what you come up with!  It is due at the end of the day on Friday, and as always I am here for any questions or concerns.

Standards:LS2-2, 2-3


Files for this Assignment:

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