Friday 5/1 – Art for 5th & 6th Grade

Teacher: Amy Jewitt (


Happy Friday! Woo!

Today’s daily art challenge is:

Today we are going to get some movement in! I want you to choreograph a dance. First, think about what kind of dance you enjoy – it can be anything! Some examples include: hip-hop, modern, interpretive, ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom. Next, select a song that you think will fit best with the type of dance you chose. If you have a family member that is available and willing, create a 2-minute choreographed dance with them! Think about using all parts of your body; your arms, your neck, your legs, your hands, your shoulders.

My email is and my work phone number is (413) 561-0176.

Note: If you would like to see the daily art challenges, you can check your school email to access your Google Classroom for art class or click here!


Files for this Assignment:

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