Zyla – Google Classroom Codes and Directions

Teacher: Zyla (nzyla@hps.holyoke.ma.us)


Dear Students and Families, 

The 7/8th grade team will be posting enrichment and learning opportunities on our google classrooms. Students should log into google using their “@holyokestudents.org” username and password. From there they can access google classroom, join with the codes provided (if they are already not in) and find the posts from all the teachers. Please contact any of us if you have questions or difficulties logging in. We can provide you with the user names and passwords. 

Ms. Morales:



Ms. Reilly: 



Ms. G

701: ywdmtvg

702: x41om71

801: inaoslq

802: 4isaphq


Ms. Walker: 

Grade 8: fkbz7yv

Grade 7: 4dwuldj


Mr. Zyla:

Period 1: gooiaw2

Period 2: trucgo2

Period 4: xwop4om

Period 5: lk4ymwf


Mr. Britton

Period 2: 3lkalc7

Period 3: c5olm4c

Period 4: 2kiq7do

Period 6: zfbatn5



Files for this Assignment:

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