Acevedo – ELA – Week of 3/30

Teacher: Acevedo (


Reader’s Workshop

Please complete the “Similes and Metaphors” Flocabulary Lesson. I would like for you to watch the video and complete the assigned activities. I challenge you to get a 100% on the quiz! I added LyricsLab, but this is optional.

Math Workshop

Try and complete at least 45-60 minutes on IReady this week!

Social Studies

Explore this website:

Try and memorize the names of the states in the Northeastern Region.

Choose a couple other games that you would like to play for practice.

Quick Write

Please respond to the following prompt on Google Classroom:
Pretend you are an inventor and have been given the task to create something (anything!) that will solve a problem that is existent in our world. It could be connected to sports, school, or at home. What would you invent? Please describe it in full detail AND describe why you feel it would be an important solution to whatever problem you chose to attempt to solve. Be descriptive!


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