Grade 5 Teaching Team – Work Update – Week of 3/23

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GRADE 5 UPDATE: WEEK OF: 3/23/2020



Please continue to check ClassTag. It is our primary means of communication while school is not in session. If you need access, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher:

Dan Pfefferle (Math)

Kim Weir (Humanities)

Alistair Saltus (ELA)

Rebeca Chaverri (Science)

Lisa O’Neil (Special Education)

Beginning tomorrow, Monday 3/23/2020, all work will also be posted on provided by the Holyoke Public Schools. Please check here if not connected to Classtag. Students sign on using their Google Chrome Sign-ins. 

Google Classroom:

Many of your child’s teachers will also be using Google Classroom in order to make assignments easier to access. If your child needs their sign-in or password, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher. The emails to each individual homeroom teacher are listed above.

HPS News: “Looking for some fun, at-home learning activities while schools are closed?” HPS has compiled a list of free at-home online learning resources at:



In Google Classroom: Please check the ‘Classwork’ Tab. Please read the Update before completing the work.

*Please choose the assignments that interest you most. 

*All assignments will also be posted on Google Classroom. To use Google Classroom, simply sign-on as if you were signing onto a ChromeBook in a classroom at school.

  1. Legends of Learning: 

*Sign into Legends of Learning as you normally would in the classroom and complete the assignments online. I have enabled home access. You will see assignments related to our current unit of study: *Coordinates and the Coordinate Grid.


*Grade 5 access code: PFEFFE1

*If you need access to Legends of Learning or Google Classroom, please use the link listed above to contact me and I will send your login information ASAP.

  1. Online work:

*Use Google Classroom to access

*All files are in the Classwork section of your Math Google Classroom. They have been scheduled to be available for two weeks starting at 7:00 am on Monday 3/23/2020

*All of the files are interactive meaning that you can complete the work online. 

*If you need access to Legends of Learning or Google Classroom, please use the link listed above to contact me and I will send your information ASAP.

*Google Classroom “chat” is available in each grade 5 math Google Classroom. Please feel free to ask me questions about any of the work that is presented here. Also, if you feel like chatting about an “appropriate” topic, feel free to post it there. You can post a chat topic in the STREAM section of the classroom. 

****PRE-Algebra Club:***

Be on the lookout for some work and a new Google Classroom just for you. 



Our current unit is “Properties of matter and mixtures”, which includes solutions and compounds as well as chemical and physical changes. Students are expected to know that when you mix two or more substances, the result may be a mixture (like a fruit salad) or a new substance with new properties (in the case of a chemical reaction).

Below are my suggestions. Please share your feedback: is it too much, too little, or just right? Is it too hard, too easy, or just right? I will modify the content, send more, reduce the load, etc accordingly to the feedback that I receive from you!

All assignments described below have been posted on Google Classroom. To use Google Classroom, simply sign-on as if you were signing onto a ChromeBook in a classroom at school. I have enabled the chat feature on all science Google Classroom classes. Please use this feature ONLY for science related questions and comments. IMPORTANT, do this first: join our class BEFORE you start with any school work. Our science class code is ihtfhgn


  1. STEMscopes: Mixtures

Description: STEMscopes is the district approved science platform. It offers instantly accessible online activities. Students are accustomed to its formatting, but this would be the first time we are using it online, so please make sure you follow the following login instructions carefully: 

I have assigned you the following two activities:

  1. a) Concept review game
  2. b) Content connections video

In order to access STEMscopes, you need to use your complete school email, not only your login. For example:, that means you need to add to your login in order to access the content. Once you have signed in, you will see the game and the video under the tab “Assignments”. Under the tab “Learning Resources”, you can also access the “Picture Vocabulary” and the “STEMscopedia”. 


  1. Flocabulary: Mixtures and Compounds

Description: how can you distinguish a pure substance from a mixture? What are the different kinds of mixtures, and how can they be separated? This video teaches students to define, identify and categorize types of matter based on their characteristics and composition. Other activities are vocabulary cards, vocabulary game, read and respond, quiz, and lyric lab. 

It is important for students to understand the difference between elements and compounds, homogeneous and heterogeneous, solute and solvent, solution and mixture as these are important concepts for a 5th grader. The activities are recommended for grades 5-8, so do not worry if there are some concepts that seem too advanced such as molecular formulas, atomic numbers, and the periodic table


  1. Videos: Crash Course Kids

Description: this is a compilation of 16 videos on “Physical Science: Properties of Matter”. We watched a few of these in class. I suggest watching one per day, each video is about 4 minutes and it is better to watch them in order. Remember! You can add subtitles or slow the playback speed by going to the lower right corner of the video screen and click on “cc” (closed caption) and “settings”.  


This is the direct link:


HUMANITIES UPDATE: ⦿Continue to work on the water conservation invention. The directions are in the link below. ⦿Also, continue to read for 20 minutes a day and keep a record in the agenda.⦿I am using Google Classroom to post assignments as well. Please email me with any questions. Be well, looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Read 180 can be opened at home using this link: 



Please sign into our google classroom. I have sent you an invite. There you can access all of our work. 


This week, I have assigned a group of articles to help you answer this question: Does Technology Mostly Help or Harm Us? Read at least three of the articles, and complete the quizzes. These articles are due by 3/27. 


This week I have assigned “Author’s Purpose”. 

The work is due Friday 3/27.




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