Hoar – Updates – 4/23/20

Teacher: Hoar (khoar@hps.holyoke.ma.us)



I hope everyone was able to rest a bit over the past few days. I also hope that everyone is doing their best to stay healthy. We miss you all so much. 


Remote Learning Continues for the Remainder of the School Year


As I am sure many of you have heard, Governor Baker has decided to keep schools in Massachusetts closed for the remainder of the school year. This means remote learning will continue through June 19th, 2020 which is our last scheduled school day for this academic year. Please encourage your child to continue to check for assignments on Google Classroom. It is important for us to maintain contact with our students and your child can always reach out to any of the teachers through email and text messages.  


NEW Scholar’s Lounge


We know many students are having a difficult time with not being able to connect with their friends and classmates in the school setting. Socializing is a big part of human development and connecting with others can help in many ways. HPS has created The Scholar’s Lounge to help students in grades 6-12  (groups are grades 6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12) to connect with their peers in a virtual space. A staff member will always be present in the virtual space to promote kindness and positive cyber-citizenship. Please visit the link below for more information on how to sign your child up to participate in this opportunity. 



Here is a list of interesting things for you all to take part in, I know that we were off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but you can still go back and complete the activity for the day. As always if you need any help we are all here to help you.
Monday, April 20thChinese Language DayLook up how to say hello in Chinese and text/email  it to your job coach
Tuesday, April 21st- AstronomyLook in the sky tonight and find a star. When you have found a star, make a special wish
Wednesday, April 22nd- Earth Day- Do one thing today that you can do to help protect our planet. For example, Make sure you are recycling. Put all your cans and bottles in the bin.
Thursday- April 23rd- English Language Day- Lookup on your phone or Chromebook the meaning of kindness, family, and or love and practice at least one word today.
Friday, April 24th- Arbor Day- Draw a picture of a tree and send it to Ms. Poole, Ms. Katie, or Ms. Jazab.  Winner will receive in the mail a $10 gift certificate to McDonald’s.
Keep an eye out on Monday for another post with updated daily tasks that you all can participate in and earn so gift cards or other prizes.
A shout out to Noah and Waleska for overcoming so many challenges these last few weeks. Neither one never gave up and both were determined to join our Google Hangouts on Friday, and IT WORKED!!!! We loved seeing all of your faces on Friday and are really looking forward to seeing you again this Friday at 1:00 again. Keep an eye out for the invitation in your email from Ms.Poole.
Another shout out to our HCC students Yamil and Evan for still doing an amazing job with their work and communication during this crazy time, keep up the great work boys!
As always please continue to keep checking google classrooms and your email as important reminders will be continuing to be sent out.
I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 1:00!!!!
Have a great day and stay safe and healthy.


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