Howland – ELA – Finding Evidence 4/3

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I have an ELA assignment. This assignment is designed for students who come with me to my room for ELA. However, if you feel like you would like some extra ELA practice everyone is welcome to do the assignment and submit it to me.

I have attached an article about tornadoes to this assignment. There are two versions of this article. I expect most students to choose the one labeled “Tornadoes 370L”. If you would like to challenge yourself you may instead choose the one labeled “Tornadoes 570L”.


  1. Read the article. Remember to use your close reading strategies. If you can print off the article underline the key details. If not use the graphic organizer provided to record them.
  2. Reread the article. Remember reading a text more than once is one of our close reading strategies.
  3. Write a paragraph. What is the main idea of this text? Write a paragraph that includes evidence supporting your main idea. You should include at least three supporting details. You may create a document and share it with me or you may use this one which contains sentence stems to help you.
  4. CHALLENGE: If you’re up for a challenge also complete the questions that go with your article. Since you can’t write in the document itself you can submit you answers in the here just follow the directions at the top of the page.


Files for this Assignment:

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