Howland-Math-Multi-digit Addition and Subtraction- 4/08

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Good morning 4th graders! I hope that you are having a great Wednesday so far. It’s not quite as sunny as yesterday but it still looks like it’s going to be a nice day out.

Before we’d left school some of you had started coming with me to my room so that you could get some extra practice on some of your math skills. I’m posting this mostly for those students. However, anyone is welcome to complete this work, if you do I’ll give you feedback.

One skill many of us still needed practice on is called Multi-digit addition and subtraction. That means adding and subtracting 3 or 4 digit numbers. The assignment I’m linking you today will give you some extra practice with that. One of the place that I often make a mistake when I’m working on this is that I don’t line the numbers up properly. When that happens I tend to accidentally subtract a hundreds digit from a thousands digit. One piece of advice from me: if you have a piece of paper of can print off this graphic organizer then you should rewrite the problem making sure to carefully line them up starting with the ones column all the way to the right. Please complete this worksheet by clicking on the link and making a copy. Please rename the document with you name and make sure you share the copy with me by hitting the share button and typing in the email address

Stay safe and stay learning everyone!


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