Armstrong – Intro to Speech – Language Enrichment for Home 3/26

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Hello Morgan Families:

The Speech-Language Team will now be using HPS at Home to share tips and resources to support your students’ learning needs. Please visit us often! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out! 

Let’s jump right in!

Talking to your children is super important for their language development! You don’t need fancy toys, and you don’t have to sit at a table for thirty minutes. The most important aspect of parent talk is the amount. Talk about your daily life as much as possible to your children to expose them to as many words as possible. Here are some everyday topics:

Talk about: colors, clean and dirty, wet and dry, same and different, big and little
Grocery shopping
Talk about: colors, size and shape, categories, like/don’t like
Bathroom routine
Talk about: body parts, clean and dirty, wet and dry
Talk about: recipe and ingredients, describe your food (shape, color, texture, smell, etc)

Stay Safe and Healthy!
Tara Armstrong
Speech Language Pathologist



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